Our workflow

We want to make things super easy for you. You already have too much on your plate.

Just send the take you need corrected via WeTransfer or DropBox or Google Drive. Ideally it should be the original camera file. Put it in a folder with the name of your project and send us an email or fill the contact form with some specifics: time code for the part in question, or some stills, telling us exactly what it is that you need.

We’ll get back to you maybe with some additional questions or perhaps with the problem solved.

First we’ll send a preview (same resolution, H264) of the take for you to approve.

Then we’ll render the take in the original codec (it should be a good codec though) and send it back through Google Drive.

Just download it and replace your original file in your timeline.
We can apply a LUT to the preview but we don’t color grade.

If the original file is super huge and the part to correct is really short you can send a TIFF sequence.

We use PayPal for the payment.